Swami Nityananda got enlightened .


Swami Nithyananda who climbed the peak of international fame was suddenly pushed down the cliff by a television media which showed video clips of him indulging in sexual activity with a popular actress Renjitha.. The video clip sent shockwaves across the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Many of his devotees were not able to comprehend what they saw in the video clips. Since the video were broadcast, there have been mass agitations by Hindu outfits who ransacked several of Nithyananda’s ashrams. Few of the outfits called for immediate arrest of Nithyananda and insisted the Government to freeze the Multi-Million dollar assets of Nithyananda.

Nithyananda runs ashrams in India, and across the globe. Like most international sanyasis,his assets are said to be worth several million dollars. His network spreads across continents and invloves more than thousand ashrams.. He is known for his intellectual discourses that have gained him popularity not only among ordinary people but also among top notch professionals from global corporations. NASA and Microsoft professionals were dumbstruck and mystified when they attended his highly elevated lectures with strong scientific backing. His knowledge of Tamil, Sanskrit and English gave him an added advantage of eloquence. He showed the way towards “enlightenment”. This keyword ‘enlightenment’ was enough to capture millions of people and also for making millions of dollars.

Nithyananda’s real name is Rajasekaran (age 33) and he was born to a farmer in the temple town of Thiruvanamalai in northern Tamil Nadu. From early childhood Nithyananda was spiritually inclined and frequently visited temples and had a strong desire for becoming a “Sanyasi” which literally means an ascetic. He completed his schooling and college education in Thiruvanamalai.

He was first seen as a wandering sanyasi at the caves and hillside of Thiruvanamalai practicing meditation. This created a small group of followers who constructed an ashram for him. This was the first ashram founded by Nithyananda which started to attracted not just Indians but also foreigners. From then on, his growth was phenomenal. He mesmerized people by his sermons and offered them ways to achieve enlightment. His devotees come from all strata of society. Politicians on the fore front as usual, Actors and Actresses, business Tycoons and ordinary folk alike..

Belief and affirmation on the “Guru” made life very easy for Nithyananda as he was able to portray himself as a perfect guru. His ability to discuss on Bhagavad-Gita and Vedas clearly found a permanent place in the hearts of a section of the Hindu faith. Such an endorsement from the elite spiritual groups made the other sections of Hindu’s to blindly follow their footsteps..

Only at this juncture, Nithayananda has been caught red handed in the sex scandal when his video was released by a television network. It is widely suspected that this incident took place because of business rivalry among the spiritual gurus. Nithyananda's meetings were pulling more crowd than many of our popular Sanyasis. His devotees suspect if he had been vicitimised and the actress herself had a role to play.

His spiritual kingdom crumbled overnight.

Sex is such a powerful weapon. People forgive bribery, forgery, looting and killing. They don’t care if the politicians keep their promises. People forgave Phoolan Devi and made her a Parlimentarian in India. But they care if they are involved in sex, especially with good looking women. I think it only indicates sheer perversion and sexual frustration of the masses than anything else. It is “don’t enjoy a thing which I cant do” attitude.

And that is why our politicians are very shrewd, when it comes to matters of sex. Many of them travel abroad for activities which are open there, and still taboo in India. Across many places in Europe I had seen big neon signs of Sex shop, Porno, Girls and so on . At Kaisser Strasse in Frankfurt, girls were seen on pavements, almost nude, inviting clients in to the shop.

I am not to judge Nithyananda or the like. I don’t know if it was his right to have sex with a good looking woman who willfully obliged. I would have joined moralists, if the girl were raped. But I don’t find a reason why his spiritual kindom should be surviving only on his celibacy, totally forgetting other good things he had to offer.

Every one in this world is a culprit, but what makes the difference is one who is caught and one who is not.


  1. Ram Goapal Varma did us all a favor by making the movie "Rann" . So watch it and unearth the mystery behind all such scandals.

    "Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil." - Lord Byron

  2. sanyasi means person who doesn't have any desire otherthan reaching God. Now a days due to the inflow of wealth to these people, they want to have different desires on top of wealth. These cheats should be put in prison so that this would be a lesson for others who is already a fake sanyasi or wanted to be in this profession.


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