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The other day I was rushing to go to my hometown. When I got out of the bathroom, I just ran straight, to put on my clothes. That was when I saw myself in the mirror. After so many years, I saw myself naked in the mirror. And I couldn’t believe the shape I was in. Have I become shorter? No, it can’t be! Have I bulges everywhere?. I turned and looked at me from the sides. Worse than before !. My tummy appears to protrude forwards. Is there a bag under the chin? God ! This is not the same me.

I knew I have been putting on some weight recently, but hadn’t guessed it was this bad. I checked my weight. I have put on a good five kilogram during the last year. I am a doctor and haven’t bothered to check my weight for few months! .My exercise program had changed after our duty plans changed. And I had been eating carelessly too.

I used to walk about 6 to 8 kilometers every day, on all days except when I was on call. There were few of us friends who would join the walk in the evening. It is easier and more fun if you have some friends to walk with. I couldn’t convince my wife to go for a walk with me, at any time. Otherwise we could continue our arguments there as well ! Those of you who still keep up the romance, do it.

So, I have decided to go back on exercises. Being a doctor I thought I might as well share this thought with all my friends out there, instead of grumbling about life all the time. I know most of you are in better shape, still.

When was the last time you have seen yourself naked in the mirror? If not, go ahead and have a look soon as you get home from work, get naked, weigh yourself, look at yourself from different angles.  Then you can see what you really look like right now ! 
How much did you weigh when you were 25 years old?   You were a grown up person by then. Then you began to "fill out", spread out, thicken up, started to forget about your health, become complacent about your body shape?  Got married, started thinking about responsibilities, and the future?  Stopped thinking about your appearance, bought age- appropriate clothing, and bigger sizes every year?   Started exposing less skin, covering up the bulges, dressing to impress others, but not trying to impress yourself?  Most of us in India do not make it a practice to go to the swimming pool or to the beach in swim wear, so don’t have reasons to show ourselves. So, others, as well us, wouldn’t probably notice. 

It is time to find out what the lifestyle changes did to you.  Let's see what everyone but you see! What happened to you, what about your youthful looks, your younger shape?  Gray hair is OK, that's not the problem. Balachandran wouldn't agree. But you can use some hair color once in a while, if it gives you confidence ( Don’t ever mention it was recommended by a doctor ! A relative of mine was found to have bladder cancer and the doctor asked if he had been using hair dyes. They have been linked to cancer of the bladder )

Some people are intimidated by the idea of beginning an exercise lifestyleThey think people will stare at them, see them trying to change their bodies.  They are afraid of being talked about, criticized, and laughed at.  In the beginning they will But eventually all that negative commentary will turn into respect and positive compliments Your physical activity will cause others to examine themselves in the mirror, nakedly, and some of them will reach the same conclusion that you reached, "It's time to do something good for myself, before the sedate lifestyle makes me flabby and lazy and affects my health."

I was trying to get some information on a proper exercise plan, and that is when I came across the term Calisthenics. They are the performance of physical exercises to promote flexibility, strength, and fitness without using machines.  Like squats, stretches, bending, sit-ups, crunches, pushups, leg lifts, movements like that. 

There are numerous methods to beat the weight and stay fit, calisthenics workout being one of them. Bodyweight calisthenics exercises help in improving the overall fitness, physique and strength of a person. Calisthenics originated from the Greek words, 'kalos' meaning beauty and 'thenos' meaning strength. Check out the benefits of a calisthenics workout.

The origin of calisthenics is linked to gymnastics. Calisthenics workouts increase the metabolic rate of the body hence these exercises should continue with a smooth flow from one exercise to another. The calisthenics workout should not be stopped all of a sudden in between exercises. Initially each exercise can be repeated for five times and as you get used to the workout each exercise can be repeated 25 to 30 times. It is recommended that you begin calisthenics workout after a few warm up exercises. This exercise workout can be made more interesting by playing music and following the rhythm.

Combine the usual calisthenic exercises like squats, sit-up/crunches, arm, knee and hip rotation, flutter kicks and jumping jack etc. Drink plenty of water. Combine this with your daily walk or jogging…and there you are!

Ten years younger!  How would your husband react if you looked and acted 10 years younger? How do you think your wife would enjoy being married to a much-younger you?

Why don't you give it a try and find out ?

Now,the picture below is for illustrative purposes only! If it gives you a stimulus to come to shape, start now !


  1. You are right, Doc. I agree only 50/50 with your post. Take exercise, go for a walk,jog, swim or climb mountains if you want to. It is good for you. The rest is for appearance. Dyeing hair, wearing youthful clothes - if only one knew how others are laughing behind you! One notices these 60+, 70+, scanty hair on crown, facial skin all wrinkled and hanging down, but what a mystery, jet black whiskers and jet black hair!

    "Ten years younger! How would your husband react if you looked and acted 10 years younger? Men, how do you think your wife would enjoy being married to a much-younger you?"

    I think you flicked the above from some ad, Doc? :-)

    I am more concerned about the mental flab.

    Re the 'stimulus', you are gender-biased!

  2. Ha ha...what a coincidence, I joined a gym this Thursday. I am planning to go from tomorrow morning. Getting rid of the bulges, I totally agree, but the stimuli! No way! I love food too much! :D

  3. Hi @Doc! Now that the weather is improving I am back to my afternoon walks and wow!; It is so beautiful and relaxing to be out there smelling the fresh air. Clothes are fitting better which is a good sign.

  4. Hello doc,so that was a nice way to build up self awareness and consciousness.:))Good to know about calisthenics.I had never heard the term before .shall try that form too.

  5. @Balan
    I guessed you wouldn't agree to this hair color business and things like that.But then,there is nothing wrong in being smart looking and keeping shape at any age.I have asked many who use the hair color.They say it gives them some kind of confidence.Once you start feeling old,then life will change.Think young and live young! Or,gracefully get old.

    Oh..that was not from any ads..For you,I removed the men part!It is an incentive to come to shape.

  6. Doc, I agree with the major part of your observations. But,"Ten years younger! How would your husband react if you looked and acted 10 years younger? Men, how do you think your wife would enjoy being married to a much-younger you?"

    I really doubt if my spouse w2ill fancy me looking ten years younger while she walks around overweight and looking beyond her age. Or vice versa.
    as for dyeing ones hair wearing good clothes, yes there is a good proportion of self confidence that comes with it. But again honestly the self confidence is an excuse to impress and feel good. There are many who make up their appearance for a wink from the onlooker (opposite sex). As for the prudence of fitness and staying healthy well none can deny that.

  7. Hello Doc, its a nice post creating awareness of fitness..walking along with enjoying nature is a bliss..

  8. I think I'm out of shape but my friends do not think so! Well,that's b'coz I do not have so many bulges like they do. A few ways I try to be in shape:
    1. diet - eat sensibly,not everything you see, you like!! regular meals.
    2. find different kinds of exercise to do in case boredom sets in. As I watch tv, say for an hour, I'm watching and doing flexibility exercises instead of sitting put. gardening is good exercise too - digging the earth, squatting etc. yoga
    3. on odd days I hit the shuttlecock with my maid(she's the one available!) and have taught her to hold a racquet. We have an energetic game as she's younger!! I'm sure many more ideas are out there! So, keep doing.

  9. yes we should keep eye on our weight,and we do it to feel and look better because we know that regular workout give us mental health too.

    i came in shape after marriage as i turned from lazy daughter to a responsible wife and mom.
    thanks for dropping by glad to find you.
    god bless

  10. Good cause you are promoting doc. I am a regular walker, walk 6 kms almost 7 days a week with my husband :). I also pay a lot of attention to my cooking, nutrition, as you would see from the posts I write. Staying fit is a lifestyle choice for me and hearing compliments that I don't look like a mother of a 9-year-old son gives me a high :). I hope everyone starts working out not only to look good but to stay healthy. It pays in the long term. Good post!

  11. Oh my goodness, Dr. A, I was just thinking of this issue yesterday... I work out but not as intensively and consistently as I've done it in the past... and yes, I looked myself in the mirror....and DID NOT like what I saw! LOL

    It seems like my metabolism is not burning off any calories. My weight seems stable, although I want to go down 10 lbs. I have a pile of clothing that I haven't been able to wear due to my hips and tail being now bigger :-))

    This is a great post, a call to get serious about exercise and healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you for stopping by, and for your sweet comment. Indeed I have thought about writing a collection of stories and look for a publisher. I need to write them first...I have three so far :-)

    I wished I had more time to write. Work keeps me busy and exhausted :-) Yet my pipe dream is there. Thanks for your encouragement :-)


  12. Better late than never! The stimulus would definitely work doc ;-)

  13. Oh sir ji.. you reminded me .. I had jsut got over the horror of seeing myself in morning

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I guess i will skip lunch today and instead go for a run in my lunch hour...

  14. The spirit is willing.. but the flesh is weak :)even with all those incentives!

  15. I'm with Happy Kitten on this and given my mobility problems my 'flesh' really is weak, thank goodness then that my spirit is still more than willing.

    As always you have given me something to think about, thanks.

  16. Dr A, thanks for your kind comment. It brought tears to my eyes.

    God bless you!


  17. Nice post. I am having cereal every night instead of dinner to stay fit :(. Not sure if its right to do that...but doing it anyway.

  18. I know one thing I will never see myself looking like the last picture. I need to walk more and loose at least 20 pounds. Another geat post and a great incentive. Have a nice week.

  19. lol..will try... If anything can stimulate me to exercise..that picture is the one...

    umm...wish we were always in 20s ....

  20. Exercise is a must, not just for face value but for your health and mental balance, coz with the kind of stress we deal with, exercise should would shield us from the worst to happen.
    Great post!

  21. Dear friends,

    I had written individual replies to the post.After writing,when I was trying to post it,I lost it.I am having problems with google site these days.

    In general, I have seen that people put on weight as they get older.The reason is a gradual decline in physical activities.Laziness creeps in and along with it,a tendency to over eat.
    A diet and exercise program which is practical,is needed.I have seen people starting off enthusiastically,but then,it ends at the same week.Some people also go on crash diet in an attempt,but this will not work ,for sure.Follow a diet which is healthy and practical. Occasional indulgences must be permitted,or else you will get bored with any diet.Regular walk in the evening and some calisthenic moves should do the work.


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