Hello, Appukka !

Whenever I call home, he insists to talk to me. When the telephone rings, he would run to pick it up and answer “ Hello, Appukka "

I don’t know how he invented this name for me. From the time he started saying names, he has been using this name for me, ” Appukka”. He refuses to change it in spite of efforts from all around him. I have heard grand pas being called “ Appappa, Appacha, Valyappacha and all. But I haven’t heard this name. He has invented a unique name for me.

If he starts talking to me, he wouldn’t care whether it is overseas call or not. He would keep on talking till he has exhausted all the stories and the long list of toys he wants. His stories would revolve around fights with Govind, his close friend and foe at school. He would get offended if I try to cut him short.

He is learning fast. Now he would wait for my wife to pick up the telephone first and start the conversation. He would listen to make sure who she is talking to. The other day, he started crying and yelling for the telephone when my wife was talking to me.

She said “This is not Appukka, I am talking to someone else”

“No, No, it is lie. I heard you calling him “Chetta’ “ ( That is the way my wife addresses me !)

He is going to be four years. If my wife scolds him for something, he would say

“Pack my bag, I am going to Appukka”

My wife asked him ‘How will you go? You will need a ticket to go”

“Oh, I will go by Emirates !”

My wife brings him here every time she comes. It is easier to process the visa if you buy tickets from Emirates, and he is used to flying emirates air lines!

I have been watching with awe the way kids learn things. The first time he was brought to the airport to receive me; he had seen me coming out of the air port, pushing the trolley. Since then, if he sees anyone pushing a trolley or cart, he would start calling “ Appukka”. He probably thought, my job was pushing carts!

I think it is easier for them to learn the bad words than the good. He is fond of cartoons and watches the BBC children’s channel. We have permitted him to watch that. They carefully choose the programmes for children. If at all he has learned funny words, it is from the local channels. He has quickly learned words like ‘ Poda choole !,( get lost, broom stick !) Patti, Ponnan ( fatso) and all !

He is a wonderment that has been woven into an unbreakable web of pure love. In his eyes I see full of promises and dreams yet to be revealed. He makes me realize how wonderful our lives are and how much fuller our spirits are for having been given this miracle. You will have the unfortunate experience of dark days and tremendous moments of grief and misunderstanding. But in the end, when all is said and done, you… we… will be more complete, more whole, more loved, more patient and kinder because we were chosen to touch, hold, hug, parent, comfort, nurture and most of love a child.

Now he knows he has two of these Appukkas and he has found out a solution. He calls me Babu appukka, and Sheri’s father as Biju appukka. Sheri’s mother is Ivy ammachi. My wife is his Ammacha, and Celin’s mother is Ammammachi.

The oldest among us is his maternal great grandmother. He calls her by her name “Sosakkutty “ !!.


  1. He looks such a cute and adorable kid. they give you a wonderful reason to live and move on - hope as he would be

  2. Little kids are a total delight and give grand parent s a motive to live life and enjoy.He is looking so cute and naughty:)

  3. Kids at home helps us to keep our self refreshed..

    Sooooooo cute... reallyyyy :)

    God bless him.

  4. But in the end, when all is said and done, you… we… will be more complete, more whole, more loved, more patient and kinder because we were chosen to touch, hold, hug, parent, comfort, nurture and most of love a child.

    How well your heart has spoken!

    Your grandson is very cute and may the Almighty continue to bless him.

  5. :) God bless the little one .. and yes why not EMIRATES is suppsoedly the best flight he he the best for him :)

  6. Your grandson seems like a very smart kid. Children can have such a creativity and energy--it's always good to have some of them around, at least from time to time :-))

    In my nursing home experience, it always amazes me the way demented elderly ladies respond to small children. That maternal feeling is there, no matter where their mind is. And you know what's more amazing? Children are not afraid of approaching them either. Those two generations complement each other well.


  7. Seems it is quite true as they say,when we feel all doors are closed and the light is shut out, somewhere there will be a window open!

  8. Grandchildren make grandparents happier than their own children did. I see that with my parents. I guess when we are grandparents we are more relaxed to enjoy children than we do as parents. God bless your grandson and your family..!

  9. cute and smart :)
    When our son was little,we called him 'Luttappi',after the cartoon character in Balarama. After that he started calling us, ammaappi and achaappi,for the past 13 years,thats what he calls us.:)People tried to change him but he wouldnt change , we dont want him to change either:).Now,we, the parents started calling each other achaappi and ammaappi:).

  10. nice narration.Your grandson looks very cute and smart too.:))

  11. May God bless him. He is so cute and may he brings lot of love and happiness to the lives of people around him

  12. Thank you @Doc for introducing us to your smart grandson.

    Of all these names he calls people my favorite was Sosakkutty!

    You forgot to mention one thing @Doc: his name.

  13. ..he looks like my younger one ...resembles him a lot..I will post his pic ...
    God bless him he is so cute...and good health for ever!

  14. We can relive our childhood among the children of our family. As my son grows up, I could see what I was when his age. The biological act of sowing one's seed is something that we share with all life forms. That, is the sole purpose of life.

  15. very sweet and adorable kiddo :) God Bless him!!

  16. Children add so much to our lives. You sound like you have a warm and loving family in which this little one can grow and be nurtured. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  17. This is a beautifully written piece. And he looks like a big-time charmer!

  18. What a wonderful, moving post - it brings so much joy when someone as special as this enters your life.

  19. @Insignia
    Thanks. I was away for some time, and have to see what you had been up to!
    @Renu and Irfan
    True to the word.Can we think of a world without them!
    Thanks for the support.Hope is one thing that can lead us on.
    Thanks for the wishes.
    The young and the old alike!
    Something to look forward to.yes,like I had written..a night light in darkness.
    Thank you.Like Doris said,it is easier to enjoy their company.
    I had like that name Luttappi too. I remember him from Balarama.He was th dark one,the Kutti Devil,wasnt he?
    Thank you.All children are blessings of God.
    You are no longer stranger to me,still.
    I like the way he calls her too.he is not willing to change that too.
    His name is Chris,but we call him Kevin at home.Remember in prayers.
    I would love to see him.
    Yes,true.I always try to tell them of the tough times I had,though not very relevant.We see ourselves in them.

  20. You're right. Kids these days learn faster than we did. They begin to talk so elderly sometimes, that we hardly get the meaning of what they're talking about. Sometimes, we simply can't fathom where they learned all these from. My best wishes with you dr.antony

  21. enjoyed ur post..

    New to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful moments..

    Do visit me when u get time dear .

  22. he is really cute! i believe that he is easy to love by everybody. by the way, thank you for visiting my blog. I just follow you. have a nice day antony.. :)

  23. salam kenal...What a wonderful, moving post - it brings so much joy when someone as special as this enters your life.

  24. So adorable! Kids are such wonder and more so for grandparents.

  25. sweet and cute,may god keep him in his blessings,he looks very intelligent,

    his love created a name for you and love does it always,

    it is really a test to stay far from such adorable kid,
    hope whole family will be gather soon,god bless and thanks for such lovely sharing.

  26. my blessings and prayers for your precious grandson. May He who blessed the small children who came to Him, bless Chris alias Kevin with all good things.

  27. Babu appukka
    beautiful names
    smart one

  28. Please tell Kevin I still remember him and his sweet smile.He's a confident chap and you and Celine and everyone deserve to be proud of him.

  29. Hi Simran
    Thanks for the wishes.
    Have a blessed Easter.
    Yes,indeed.Thanks for the wishes.
    Yes,he has made lives easier.
    Strange name,isnt it?
    Thanks for the wishes.In children,we see the face of God.
    Thanks,I will visit your blog ,for sure.
    @maya and sinta
    thanks for the visit.Come often as you can.
    He has made our lives easier.
    Thanks for the kind thoughts. Life would have been difficult without him.When one door closed,a window has opened !
    Thanks for the good wishes.Ye,we see His face in them !
    strange,but sounds lovely.
    I showed him your picture and he remembers you too! I just noticed you have reached the US and the lovely picture in snow. Have wonderful times.


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