An angel lost her way

An angel lost her way

And came down to earth.

While walking the cinnamon gardens

She met a young man and fell in love

and wished to live with him.

She asked God

He said " yes my child,but for a short while"

And so they lived.

Every moment of the gifted time.

Those who saw them

Were jealous of their love.

And when her time came to leave,

She begged to stay on

“No, my child, rules in heaven are not

like those on earth”.

Instead, He offered her

An angel child to take her place.

So, from the skies above, she keeps watch

Over her precious pocessions on earth,

The gentle breeze that sweeps you

The flowers that bloom in morning dew,

and the flickering star over the cinnamon skies ,

that’s her.

We haven’t lost her

We feel her presence

In so many beautiful ways

But more so, she stays within us

As our fondest memory


  1. True-every breeze, every sense of calm that encompasses me, I feel its this special Angel, we all have loved with so much of sincerity.....
    Her prayers, the peace she always spread, shall and does today help overcome adversities like they never existed. She holds my hands as we embark on every duty to be done in life.
    Life itself in all its vibrance - thats OUR SPECIAL ANGEL !!!

  2. I do not know your angel, but can feel the love that she spread over all of you. wherever she is now, she would never miss you or her loved ones because all of you have kept her alive in your memories..

  3. @scorpio
    She was the reason to start this blog,when I asked why do bad things happen to good people?
    She left us for her eternal abode on the 4th of January.She was just 25 yeras of age.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    They matter at times like this.

  4. Yes....she was an an angel who had touched all the life's she met. We will never forget her and hope she is looking down from heaven taking care of all the precious ones she had left here.Miss u dear.........!!

  5. thankyou scorpio for the kind words.......every single word written here is true. The flower plucked away from our hearts and planted in the beautiful garden of heaven.........the most beautiful and most exotic flower in God's garden.

    Love her and miss her sooo much!

  6. @Dr.Antony
    Living life after losing a loved one is a hard experience. I don’t know why bad things happen to good people but there is a purpose for everything in life. Cherish the joy and memories that your angel brought into your lives..

  7. @pinky1234
    Cherish the happy moments that you shared with your angel. Remember her with smiles and laughs for that is how she’d want to be remembered, not through sadness and tears..

  8. ANGEL - One who manifests goodness, purity and selflessness .. that was exactly who she was, our darling angel! May be there was a shortage of angels in heaven so he took ours and honestly I can't think of anyone else who would fit in perfectly! But how I wish I could tell him that we needed her more...

    Sherikutty, this song is for u..

    I know you are in a better place, but I wish that I could see your face..
    I know you are where you need to be, even though it's not here with me..
    I miss u, I miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while.
    And eventhough it's different now you are still here somehow, my heart won't let you go..
    And I need you to know, I miss you.

  9. @Sigy
    There's one more angel in heaven
    There's one more star in the sky
    There's one less place at our table
    There's one more tear in my eye

  10. @Dr Antony

    I commented that I know your daughter in law by reading your latest post. Now I am sure that I knew this angel of your family.

    I wasn't close to her in any personal way, but knew her as someone who used to spread love and joy wherever she is...

    I have no justifications/explanations for her suffering and departure...may be God will make it clear to your family one day soon...Time may not heal the wounds, but time makes it possible for us to look back at those memories and smile at all those happy moments which we shared with her.

    God Bless you and your whole family...especially Aravind.

  11. an incredibly beautiful poem, doctor. comes from the depth of your feelings.
    am very distressed to know of your terrible loss.came to know of it only today thru your latest post.
    may God give you courage to come to terms with the painful mysteries of life.believe me, with a conscious effort, it is possible.

  12. @Doc, that's a lovely poem - with heartfelt words; I guess this is why it says, "Love remains..."

  13. she not only looked like an angel ,but i feel she was a true angel at heart you said,neverthless god wouldnt have had her back so soon!may her soul rest in peace.

  14. came here clicking on the link of NRI girl..very emotional poem with symbolic elements..

  15. she was really an angle as she seemed the one who loves god so much,my grandma used to say that there are some people god sends just for little while and calls back because he also loves them and cannot stay away from them for long,
    my 13 year old brother was also a wonderful person he was very spacial and won everyone's heart who ever he met in his short period of life.god bless

  16. “No, my child, rules in heaven are not

    like those on earth”.

    beautiful thought.


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