A time to be good

I was  watching a press conference of JSS leader, Smt. K. R. Gouriamma  the other day.She couldn't get up from the chair without help,neither could she talk clearly because of her tremor.She was all against her party members in that  her party would join neither the left wing or the right in the upcoming elections. Her supporters tried to make her reach a compromise,but she refused to yield,and insisted the right wing had personally insulted her.

Like a musical chair,they have all changed parties and alliances.Now that the elections are on the way, be prepared for more shows.

He says jayalalitha is corrupt!

For Karunanidhi, the Tamil interest comes only after the clan interest.One is negotiable, the other is not. The tantrums of DMK’s Karunanidhi over his ‘kids’ Azhagiri, Stalin and others was witnessed silently by the rest of the nation. He is stuck to the wheel chair and wears his dark glasses all the time,so it is hard to know if he can see a thing.

In Kerala, Karunakaran, the doddering father-fighter, has already ceased to be even comical; he has become incomprehensible as power-lust is accompanied by senescence. In the north we have all the types, ranging from the most accomplished performer of social justice to the avenging diva of dalit salvation.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, currently one of the most trusted loyalists in the Sonia durbar, may play the subaltern jester for electoral effect.  Mayawati has all the paranoia of the supreme leader who detests questions and invents enemies, and she too, like Lalu of the Bihar days, has turned the romance of social justice into a reign of terror and fear in the name of the dispossessed.
Dewe Gouda,the Ex PM, sleeps most of the time.When he is awake,he still tries to keep the interests of his clan.He was our only PM who could eat and talk at the same time.Even Gods cannot wake him up.!

Gods cannot wake him up!
No,not from circus!

I remember having heard ,a pack of lions if led by a mule will be as ineffective and sterile as the leader itself. Compounding the conundrum, this mule is destined to steer a bunch of hyenas instead of lions. That makes things worse, doesn't it?

"The leader  can now remeber only two things about the 2G scam. Rahul 'G' and Sonia 'G' ".At least, it shows he has some memory left. The list could go on and on. 

India is the only democracy where there is a stark contrast between the average age of the citizens and that of politicians at the helm. While 70 per cent of India’s population is below 40 years of age, 80 per cent of India’s politicians are over 70 years.There is, a case for fixing the retirement age for occupying party posts and constitutional positions. First, a person’s ability to judge and respond quickly degenerates with age. There is also the the overall lack of fitness, higher prevalence of serious diseases relating to heart, kidney, lungs, brain, and so on. In the Indian context, older leaders carry two serious disadvantages. Leaders, over the years, become more and more greedy and second, they carry a lot of baggage and most cannot move around. Greed among Indians is in their genes.A time has come to change the rules of the game in Indian politics for an emerging India, aspiring to become part of the developed world. Indian politicians need to be generous and they should look at role models elsewhere.

In the US, the 13th Constitutional amendment set term limits for the offices of the President and governors. This ensures that the leaders are not for life and the same leaders are not hanging around, whenever the party comes back to power. In the UK and other parts of Europe (except Italy), well established conventions have ensured that the defeated leaders do not come back in the next elections. Same for Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where sometimes leaders in the leading parties have come and gone at such speed that it is difficult to even remember their names.

Hindu philosophy divides human life span into four time periods. A 75-year-old, in his Vanprastha period (last stage) belongs to no one and is expected to leave family matters and devote himself entirely to serving God . But that rarely happens in Indian politics.

Isn't it time for a change?


  1. Yes it is time we changed things. We are fed up by caste and communal politics. Nitish Kumar has steered his party to a landslide victory in Bihar and I hear he takes Dr. Kalam's advice on how Bihar's development can be done. Other politicians could well follow his initiative and look around for advisers for good governance. With 'scamonomics' threatening to make India look like a bunch of bribe taking compromisers the younger generation is our only hope.

  2. Dr. Antony,

    I completely agree with you. Very well written with pictures.

  3. I second every word. Time for change came long ago. But no hope.

  4. Doc, thank your stars that you are in the UAE; otherwise you'd be surely charged with sedition, anti-India thoughts and blaspheming THE GREAT INDIAN PATRIOTS and THE GREAT INDIAN DEMOCRACY!

  5. I think we completely lost the concept of politics. Its only betrayal of hope and false promises.

  6. very informative and hilarious at the same time...describes Indian politics..at its besT!

  7. It must be very annoying to keep up with all this mumble jumble in politics. Politics to me is a complex process that those involved in them never keep their promise and lead the public into a false state of believing them. Thank you for coming by and have a nice week.

  8. Very informative post and very well written... Deva Gowda sure made me laugh... Thank you!

  9. Doc,
    You are bordering and also stretching into danger zones. As Balan said you may be pulled up for sedition.
    This is India, and being proud Indian , proud about the rich and varied cultural heritage ( ammavante anna , not mine), and since all Indians being my brothers and sisters, and I being proud and only proud, about my country, my people, I see nothing wrong in all this. And I and all other Indians living here do not regret because we get the rulers we deserve. And we proudly deserve these wriggling parasites and worms.

  10. My pet grouse too -- old politicians. But, I guess age is not the only criteria for office. There are some alert guys at this age like Manmohan Singh. Yet, most of them need to be dumped somewhere. But, I am not too happy if their sons and daughters occupy the places vacated by them.

  11. Let us wait. I can assure you, change is not far away.It is the first time that the common man is reacting to lack of governance and corruption.

  12. Good write up...some of our National news makes the skin crawl...

  13. @Padma
    Exactly.We need radical changes in rules and youth to come in.But then,who knows they dont follow the path too!
    @ A
    thanks for the comment.
    There are rays of hope.Everyone is getting tired and losing patience.Something has to come up
    You are around for support.The roots of corruption are in the Congress itself which nurtured the criminals and made alliances just to stay in power.
    @Madhu and Harman
    Time is overdue for a change
    People outside like you do not have a clue what is happening in our politics.It is the largest democracy in name,but rooted in extreme corruption.For every one rupee the govt spends,it is said,only 14 paisa reach the people.
    @NRI girl
    He always looked like a joker to me.
    What you said is true.People go along with existing rules.At the elections,we do not have much choices.One option would be to stay away from it.But then,that is problem as well.isn't it?
    That is another problem.They are all handing over the batons,because they know there is nothing better than this in India.
    I hope so.Your intuitions come true!
    Yes,I didn't want to go there.They are all linked.Overdue for a change

  14. change - long overdue - but may not happen for a lomg long time. the reach of the political parties is too wide - - -
    can you increase the font size, please?


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