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Malayala Manorama 3, Nov 2010.


“Raped by Policemen after arrest”

“A girl, who was arrested at Ernakulam on charges of theft, was raped by four policemen, before producing her before the Magistrate. The human rights commission has ordered an enquiry. The young woman, who is pregnant, opened her grievance to  Mr Natarajan of the Human rights commission, who had made a surprise visit to the jail.

Doctors confirmed that the girl was 17 weeks pregnant. The girl alleged that the police men were responsible for her pregnancy. She was working as a home nurse at a house in Ernakulam, and was arrested on charges of theft on the 10th of June. The police then took her to a house at Vellore where she was kept for five days before being taken to the sub jail. Four police men raped her repeatedly there.”


“Blind man arrested for molesting blind woman”.

Thampanoor police today arrested David (29) of Merckinston Estate, on charges of rape.

He had brought the blind woman to a lodge in Trivandrum, doped her and then raped her. He had offered to marry her and then disappeared on the wedding day. The man was subsequently arrested on the complaint of the girl.

It was said, there are many cases pending on the criminal at various police stations.


“The main culprit of the molestation case of the housewife arrested”

The man had taken  nude pictures of the housewife through an air hole in her toilet. Manikantan 32, of Girija Bhavan, Adoor was arrested yesterday. There was a series of molestations after the video recording. Manikantan gave the video to his friend who threatened the woman and raped her. When he repeatedly approached her, the woman had gone to the police for help. Her husband is away, employed abroad. The police offered to help her to get the memory card back and took a bribe of 5000 rupees from her and then molested her. By this time, another friend of Manikantan approached the woman saying that he has the memory card and  raped her as well. The police is on the lookout for the four criminals including the policeman.


“Criminals on motor bike escaped after snatching the gold chains from three women on the road. One of the criminals was later caught by the local residents and handed over to the police”.


“Theft from the premises of the District Court”( What a wonderful location! )

The theft occurred in the high security building of the District Court here, where very important documents and evidences related to various cases including murder cases are kept safe. The thieves removed all the batteries of the computers in the court .Around 60 batteries of the UPS were also stolen. Police has started an enquiry.


“Arrested for taking Nude Pictures”

Two persons were arrested on charges of taking nude pictures of tourists. They targeted the tourists who were apparently threatened and took their nude photos and later blackmailed them. They also took nude pictures of the men with some women accomplices, for use for blackmail later.


“Good news for Musli Power users”

The manufacturers of Musli Power is organising a family meeting of all those who got conceived after using Musli Power extra!! All those who got “power” after using Musli Power should apply with their photograph and their proof of purchase, Dr K C George ( supplier, turned doctor cum inventor) announced today. The company will sponsor the education of the Musli power children including “professional courses”, he said.

The company has grown in to a multimillion business in last few years.

This is a sample of a day’s news from God’s own country.

Kerala is the only 100% literate state in India. And full of self acclaimed moralists.
(The statements in brackets are my own).


  1. What is happening to our guys. I feel Malayali guys are the worst in India. Forgive me..I too am a Malayalee but our guys are the limit...

    only strict punishments can curb this menace...and how stupid our girls can be...

  2. Very sad stories... MMhhuummm... (A Big sigh...)

  3. Don't be so anti-development, Doc! Why don't you look at the brighter side, the rise in price for rubber, for pepper, for gold, for shares? If you can be a proud Indian why can't you be a proud Malayalee?

    Talking of moralists, I am reminded of the comment by present Jnanapeeth winner about Arundhati Roy's novel. He said he felt like puking reading it. 'Self-acclaimed moralists?' You are repeating here; moralists are always self-acclaimed.

    Now, shall we extrapolate the situation and talk about the crime statistics of New York? London? Mumbai?

    And who is that stranger saying that strict punishment can curb the menace? I had a book, psychopathia sexualis by Dr.Von Kraft-Ebing, full of case histories of abnormal sexual behaviour in 19th & early 20th century Europe.
    Compared to that these guys and innocent babies.

  4. Doc, I quote from Dr Von Krafft-Ebing's book: Like is a never-ceasing duel between the animal instinct and morality.Only will power and strong character can emancipate man from the meanness of his corrupt nature... 'It is an open question whether the moral status of mankind has undergone an improvement in our times. No doubt society shows a greater veneer of modesty and virtue and vice is not as vagrantly practiced as of yore'. He wrote this sometime in early 20th century. He would die of laughter if he read your blog!

    Out of topic: I tremendously enjoy your 'pet cat'!

  5. sorry for the typo: read 'Like' as 'Life'.

  6. our newspapers focus more on distressing news. a lot of positive things too happen but it is easier to sensationalise the negative. our papers lack balance, such terrible things happen in other states too - but the media there strikes a balance.

  7. As it is always in case of reactions to the similar content in your post - the comment - would be as already quoted by KPJ" why talk about negative things only?"
    Rape and molestations happen elsewhere too!! So look at the development and brighter side - Rubber price at Rs 200 Pepper price at Rs 850 etc .What else do you want?
    And as long as the rape victim is not your wife , sister , daughter and even your mother why fret and worry?
    If two girls were raped and killed and later thrown into a stream in Shopian, Kashmir why make it a big case? Such things happen every where.It has been happening from the dawn of man. Why worry about a Surianelli? an Ice cream parlor?

    Are you also joining the misguided bandwagon of Arundati Roys and Medha Pathkars?
    Look at the rise in sensex, the visit of Obama.
    If Orissa and Bihar are worse than sub Saharan Africa why do you worry . Look at the 26 story ed house of Ambani, the acquisitions of Jaguar and Rover, the rise of people of Indian origin into political power in The USA.
    Doc you are negative , and as stupid, foolish, incapable , inefficient and nuisance like me and many others. We are in the minority so India is lucky. Let there be rape, murder, bride burning, gang molestations, pedophilia ha insignificant when compared to the advances India has made and not to forget the Gods own Country.

  8. Sad happenings wherever they may be. Am planning a trip to Kerala in December as I've heard about this beautiful part of the world:)

  9. Very very sad stories. Kerala is so beautiful and my favorite vacation spot.

  10. oh god!were do you get all these news?the policeman raping that female was so digudting!and the funny part was "musli power"thinhg.:)heehe..r they serious?

  11. oops tht was disgusting:)spelling mistake!

  12. Man..its disgusting!! seems like all guys r sexed up..and they pounce at women at given opportunity...very SAD!! the police..worse then general public!!
    its everywhere in India ...every other day there is a news of these kinda instances...

  13. @Stranger
    This was all in a day's news. Bit surprising.The worst harassment for women are from the police.
    @NRI girl
    Needs a change in attitude.
    Sceintifically, yes. But this is not an illness we talk about.It is an attitude problem.We talk too much about morality.At least,stop doing it.
    I understand your views.But, at a place where we talk about morality and act as the moral police of the world,one can expect little better than this.
    @ Anil
    Thanks for the compliments.At least I have you in company. At a place,where you cannot walk around with a girl, one would expect better than this.Once a friend of mine went to the Museum with his wife, and the police questioned him! With so much of morality around, one should expect better.Crime against women is every where,but thee is no need to compare it with what haapens in US or Europe.Our values are different.
    @ Keats
    I had sent you a mail. Dont be frightened,there are good people around as well.You will not be disappointed.
    We are improving. Doubtless,it is a good destination, not cheap either.
    There is an influx of Ayurvedic products which people buy frantically.There is an element of emotional blackmail.Do you expect any one to go to the court if he doesnt get cured of impotence?That is declaring himself as impotent in public!!
    And who knowsthey are effective? There are no studies on these drugs.And just when are these children going to professional courses!!Joke.
    Really,especially from those who are supposed to protect them! Hypocrisy!

  14. Oh Godd!! That's all I can say.. :(

  15. My heart just sunk...cant say anything bout the hopeless situation...all I can say is just sentencing such criminals/opportunists even for life time imprisonment is not enough......their should be a public punishment...the punishment should be such that no one else dares to doing such a thing again....

  16. You are the doc. Do you have a pill to fix the maniacs, the criminals...?

  17. @Punam,
    Relax,everything is going to be fine after Obamas visit!
    Wow...That is the Thaliban way!.I understand your anger.There is truth in what you said. The legal system here is too outdated for the present day criminals.Most of them get away with meagre punishments.
    Needs a multipill !

  18. Oh my. sometimes its so depressing to hear about so much pain. But I guess that is life. Poor girl; what kind of a blind pervert is he!

  19. These are awful stories and I also feel sorry for the victims. To get raped once must of been awful but several times, sad. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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