Dealing with problems

I was reading the other day,Carolyn R Scheidies.

Hard times,not the silken cocoon,makes us stronger if we deal with our problems and pain,instead of hiding away or pretending nothing is wrong.Blaming others or withdrawing from reality only makes matters drag on rather thn solving the problem.
Pain and problems,life and death are all part of the cycle.Only as we face problems,do we live life to the fullest.
The poet Percy Bysshe Shelly wrote, We look before and after,and pine for what is not.Our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught, Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.
Many of our best,our highest moments evolve from dealing with circumstances,we had rather not deal with at all.When those times of trial and heartache comes,there are things we can do.
Focus on your blessings instead of your real or conceived hurt.
Deal with the situation.What is the worst case scenario?The best?What steps you can take..may be one step at a time.If you need to grieve and cry,do so.If you need to make something right,do it.If you need to confront a situation,do that.
Talk to someone who cares,someone who will keep your confidence and offer balanced,wise advice,or just listen.
Jot down ideas,thoughts,memories and emotions.You will be surprised how much it helps.

Life was never meant to be lived in a vacuum.Individuals too long sheltered from reality,contrary to what some parents believe,become mentally,emotionally and spiritually weak.Overprotecting a person prevents them from learning,growing, and unhurling their wings,and keeps them from learning resilency.
We do these unknowingly, and makes life difficult for our children when they grow up.Let them learn to cope with problems.
These thoughts really helped me in my times of stress and fear. Being a doctor,when I was to face the illness of my daughter, initially I thought...My God ..can this happen to me?Then the fear..and frustration.It took time to accept..and then I had to face and deal with it. My friends helped me as good listeners and came up with ideas.We all decided to deal with it.What we dont realise is,that we transfer our fears and anxieties to the one who is afflicted.It makes them emotionally weak.We have to stand up and face and fight.Do we have other choices?
I have gained the courage to go ahead..not by my virtues..but on His grace and my friends whom He has kindly provided. They are your weapons in times of stress and needs. Rely on them.


  1. Belief is most important when u deal with problems. There is no point in running away from them. Face the problems and believe that the almighty God is there to see and help. Its never the end of the road. Life is not just about being happy . And thats why God has created a simple balance between happiness and sadness .Its just so simple ....when man is always happy...he just forgets where all this happiness comes from. Then comes saddness / time of trials when we look back and remember where all the happiness came from and if we r being worthy of it. I believe each and every family has or had had a ime of misfortune.Its the act of nature /God just so happens. I Strongly believe that misfortune is an indication of God as to How much he Loves and Cares for u and wants u to be his!
    What is bound to come must come and its always so. We humans are not powerful enough to stop fate. But i also believe Doctors are a part of god and when we believe in them .... MIRACLES do happen!!!


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