Human rights or terrorist rights?

Today, India remembered Mumbai attck victims with a day of prayer and commemoration .There were official functions and private moments of grief.. ..Life has almost come back to normal at most sites of attack.The only place where normal service has not been resumed is Chabad House, the Jewish centre where six people were killed.

Yesterday, Pakistani prosecutors charged seven men with planning and helping to execute the attacks. Ajmal Kasab(Someone tells me ,the meaning of the word butcher) the only attacker who was captured alive, disclosed that the attackers were members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan-based militant organization. Witnesses had reported  earlier that the terrorists looked to be in their early twenties, wore black t-shirts and jeans, and that they smiled and looked happy as they shot their victims.
One must be a moron to believe  that Pakistan will give any kind of punishment to them.Kasab's trial began on 6 May 2009,and still goes on.

Now,the masterminds of September 11 terror strike  in the US,the best orchestrated mass murder of recent times.

We are being told that the terrorists spent the night before the attack getting drunk in bars, making noise, screaming insults at the "infidels", and doing everything they could to enjoy.They were not afraid or under stress. After eight years of delay, those allegedly responsible for the attacks of September the 11th will finally face justice. They will be brought to New York to answer for their alleged crimes in a courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. For sure , lawyers for the accused will almost certainly try to have charges thrown out based on the rough treatment of the detainees . Held at Guantanamo since September 2006, one of the terrorists said in military proceedings  that he wanted to plead guilty and be executed to achieve what he views as martyrdom. In a letter from him released by the war-crimes court, he referred to the attacks as a "noble victory".

There have been numerous protests about the way the detainees  were treated at Guantanamo.About their food,freedom,religious rights,exercise,and so on.I was bit surprised that people came forward to protect their rights.And they found attorneys to defend themselves in US,even though the terrorists were not keen on getting any help.

Now,what kind of treatment would you like to be given to the terrorists?

Human rights have become a term being used randomly and loosely for convenience – many are even obsessed with the term. Let us ask ourselves whether terrorists that target humans in a bid to cause mayhem  and destruction for political or religious causes,should expect human rights for themselves in return? What about the rights of those humans they nullify by placing a bomb or using a suicide cadre to blow off to smithereens? Human rights laws should be rewritten to take account of the new age of terrorism by excluding terrorists from its provisions. The world surely needs to know that  terrorists are the worst criminals behind the facade they project,and this is a war they are fighting.

Those who have undergone trials from US and got released,have gone back to kill peace keepers in Iraq.Or will come back to Kashmir,or anywhere else near us,to kill people dear to us,having nothing to do with them or their cause.Do you think any criminal is given human rights ,where there are no civil laws? How much of our money,time and effort are wasted on putting these people on elaborate trials?.It has been eight years since September 11 attacks, and the criminals got support for the bad treatment they received at Guantanamo. They  complained of the quality of food !! It didn’t take them a month to try poor Saddam Hussain and sentence him to death by hanging. Why are the rules different for other terrorists?. Courts, Governments and Laws are nothing but means for a terrorist to buy more sweet time in life and try every bit to spread their cause or escape from jail. When the whole world has seen these terrorists killing ruthlessly, who cries for Human Rights? Even the citizens' fundamental constitutional rights are withdrawn during emergency conditions. Is this not an emergency, where brave soldiers and innocent citizens were brutally murdered?And do you think hanging them to death is the real punishment for them. No….that is exactly what they want.  Terrorists embrace death. They do not fear it . What distinguishes us from the  terrorists that we fight is, that we cherish life. So death.....  is it punishment for them?No. They shouldnot be allowed to die that easily,but let to rot in some cells for life,deprived of all the freedom they fight for.. Don’t you get that feeling when you see the innocent faces of those children murdered by them?And the families of those brave soldiers and civilians you watched on the TV today?Can you forget their faces and forgive these animals and keep on feeding them?
" We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount… The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.” – General Omar N. Bradley


  1. I am totally in agreement with the anger and resentment over the attacks in Mumbai and also the way the Government is using Kasab like an international insurance against another Pakistani misadventure...but the fact needs to be accepted that, if we were to deny them of their humanrights, in context , we would be like them, just that we'd be in more of a retaliatory mode.
    If you ask me, I don't mind that!!! So, Kudos to what you just said, Licking asses does not help resolve the issue, just cut off the balls - matter closed!!!

  2. I feel being in the human species, the law for all human should be same. Treating human as inhuman will not solve the problem or give any pacification for the affected. In this modern world, we should consider Terrorism as a Calamity like flood or tornado or volcano or an epidemic. And treat it.....

  3. Reading your blog felt like I am reading out loud,my thoughts about all the feelings and frustration about this growing age of terrorism.
    We watch the news read the paper and see all the atrocities being committed against the innocent and helpless ,feel sad about it,but do nothing.Watching a movie like "Rang de Basanti" brings about a rebellion for the system inside us and then after a few hours dies inside.
    We see all this injustice happening right in front of our eyes but choose to ignore it and live our own lives as long as it does not effect us personally.
    Hope someday,some of us will realize the injustice happening around us and a wave of change will be initiated.Politicians and the whole justice system will realize what a blunder they have got us into with their equal human rights for all motto, and then we can breathe a sign of relief.


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