Mani's merger, Abdullakkutty's victory,Murali's re entry,child deaths and a better place to live.

Wondering about the caption....And what is the connection? You would know when you finish reading.
November 2 was the first World Pneumonia Day.Pneumonia claims the life of a child every minute in India.Dr Rajesh Kumar,Head of the Child Health at Chandighar made this announcement during the First ever World Pneumonia day and I found it with great difficulty at the corner of a newspaper.Many of you wouldnt have noticed it as well.Because the rest of the newspaper was full of Mani's merger and Abdullakkutty's victory,and pictures of Mani and PC George wearing monkey caps,smiling at cameras.

Pneumonia is a treatable disease,and to a great extent,preventable.This means,we could save the lives of many of these children,if we wanted to.Every year about 450,000 children die in India due to Pneumonia.Not a small number,isnt it?
And the death toll across the world is 6.6 million !

Now, do you feel a bit uncomfortable knowing that every minute you watch these leaders embracing each other and waving at you and then starts planning together for our future,( in fact, the future is only their own) a child dies in India? Dont you wish you could do something about this? And wish if our children had a better place to live?Or,at least , we had a better newspaper to read?

Then why?You agree that the world has become a miserable place to live.
Exploitation, Greed and Hatred. Arent these enough reasons? Like Pneumonia is treatable, can we find a remedy to these? Every natural resources have been exploited.Water is a scarcity.Forests disappear. Many species have vanished for ever.
But then,man is the most exploited.Children are raped,human trafficking is the most lucrative trade, and man even sells his own wife and children for money.

A better place to live is our dream. It is our right too.The world needs a clean up.
Clean the world of those dangerous,unwanted creatures,who are in fact the only disposible sub specis of humanity.Along with that, clean the mind of greed and hatred.
Then the newspapers will become cleaner. They can write about human beings and their problems..And I could shorten the caption to Child deaths in India.

There is a bit of magic in a simple little smile
Something that just makes life seem a little more worthwhile
And there is a world of meaning in the touch of someone's hand
a gentle touch that lets your brother know you understand
Oh... if people would stop taking and just once try to give
We could make the world we're living in a better place to live
La la la la la la la la la ...............


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