Do we have choices?

As we were travelling around Europe,I was we have choices in life? Arent these people lucky to have been born in this place? Half their problems are over by virtue of their nationality.The average problems of an Indian ,are no longer problems there. Health, shelter,food... all taken care of.Then your problems arre more intellectual than physical...emotional than innate.Millions of children die all over Africa soon after birth, and many after that due to ill health and lack of food. Whose fault is all this? Do we really have choices in life?What are the Gods doing in Heavens? Have they forgotten this world?


  1. However, the one thing is that not everything is as cosy as it seems, Antony. See, in the US for example, not all classes of people are blessed with the kind of luxury we imagine.There are the African Americans, there are also weak sections of White Americans as well...
    My take is like this - we need to be on the constant look out for opportunities. Try something out - it may fail, and then if we give up, atleast there's some matter of self respect and pride in giving up. Probably this is what we associate to an entrepreneurial spirit within individuals.Most people they fight the same situation and give up, that's the probelm - we need to try and change the situation - patience - that's the key.
    Speaking of Africa, India - India has come a long way from poverty - that used to be a trademark, say 50 years ago, we are a young democracy, so no use comparing it to the Western world that thrived on its imperialist ambitions, for the better part of its existance.And not all African countries are in a desolate situation. South Africa for example, is definitely going places. These nations have abundant natural resources:- some vested interests of individual War Lords is causing most of the havoc in these countries.God , I don't think is to be blamed for human greed; look at it this way, when something's won after real longing, peoplegive respect to what they then come to posess-for the future it will be freedom and peace.

  2. Anto,
    You are very philosophical in all the three blogs and it confirms you are attaining age of 'Sanyasa'.ie you have done the best for your family and has now enough time to think of others.Is a welcome change that ought to come in all our lives.Some achieve it earlier, some later.That is all.
    I feel you were contradicting when you said 'His Grace' has guided you through your times of difficulties, at the same time blamed 'Him' for the pathetic situation in Africa and elsewhere.
    As a pperson who has seen life of people in Africa,USA,Gulf and some of the European counties during our short visits what we have observed is: there are many things which are man made and many others are 'destiny' driven.Destiny is in other words 'God'.Man's greed has created havoc in the life of many African Nationalities.
    Can we change the legacy.Is it happening as predetermined by the creator? According to 'Gita'
    all this happens as 'Sambhavamy Yuge yuge'.
    Can we change it? Yes; to certain extent.Here comes the significance of 'True Christian Philosophy' 'Love Thy Neighbour as thyself'which none of our modern christians practice.If we do follow it strictly then there will be lot of alleviation to many of the problems of the present world which is a "Utopian dream"


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